• China Pesticide Registration System was set up according to “provisions of Pesticide Management Regulations” and “Measures for pesticide regulations implementation”. Pesticide Registration Certificate is one of the three certificates needed for pesticide market entry. Pesticide Notifier must submit relevant documentation to Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with “Pesticide Registration Data Requirement” including tests of toxicity, residue, environment, and efficacy. Pesticide registration certificate can be issued only if the requirements are met.

  • Registration Type

    1.New Pesticide Registration
    (1)New Pesticide Technical Registration
    (2)New Pesticide Formulation Registration

    2.Special New Pesticide Registration
    (1)Healthcare Pesticide
    (3)Biochemical Pesticide
    (4)Microbial Pesticide
    (5)Botanical Pesticide
    (6)Transgenic Organisms
    (7)Biological Predators

    3.New Preparation Registration
    (1)New Formulation
    (2)Mini Dose Optimization
    (3)New Mixture
    (4)New Content
    (5)New Formulation mixed with Fertilizer
    (6) New penetrant (or synergist) mixed with formulation
    (7) New Formulation of Special New Pesticide

    4.Me-too Registration
    (1)Me-too Technical without significant difference in quality
    (2)Me-too formulation without significant difference in quality
    (3)Me-too of Special New Pesticide

    5.Using Scope Expansion Registration, Using Method Change Registration, and Dose Change Registration

    6.Subpackaging Registration

    7.Renewal Registration

    8.Technical Concentrate Registration


  • Registration Certificate Type and term of validity

    There are two kinds of Pesticide Registration Certificate: Formal Registration Certificate, and Temporary Registration Certificate.
    The validity term of formal registration certificate is five years. It can be extended through Renewal Registration.
    The validity term of Temporary Registration Certificate is one year. Through Renewal Registration, it can be extended to maximum of three years. Temporary Registration Certificate is just a transition to Formal Registration

  • Pesticide Registration samples and documents

    The following samples and documents should be provided to the pesticide registration administrative departments during pesticide registration:
    Necessary samples including standard sample, Technical and Formulation
    Documents including:
    a.General documents (which is non-experimental data): Application forms, abstract, label, the original source of technical, business license, registration in other countries, etc.;
    Main experimental data (issued by qualified units which are prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture): the inspection report and the analytical method report (issued with provincial or national qualification), bioassay test, residue test, toxicology test, environmental test, and etc.

  • Test services qualified by Ministry of Agriculture:

    1.5-batch full analysis;
    (1)5-batch analysis: active ingredients, major impurities (with content more than 0.1%) and other relevant impurities
    (2)Impurities analysis
    (3)Qualitative identification of impurities
    (4)Synthesis and calibrating of impurities
    (5)Analysis method development and verification
    2.Physico-chemical properties determination of active ingredients, technical and formulations
    3.Stability test in room temperature (two or three years)
    4.Other tests related to physico-chemical properties

  • Our services

    Chinese/English translation for documents
    Report evaluation
    Efficacy test application
    Formal registration (full package service)
    Label design
    Test for pesticide registration arragement
    Sample preparation
    OEM processing
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