About Us
  • China National Chemical Information Centre (CNCIC) is the national information collection, research and service institute of China chemical industry. It manages Chemical Branch of National Engineering Technology Library, International Exhibition Center of China Chemical Industry, China Chemical Enterprise Informationization Center, Chemical Industry Museum of China, Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Planning, and Competitive Intelligence Research Center, Chemical Risk Assessment and Research Laboratory, Sub-committee for Chemical Industry Standardization of CAS (China Association for Standardization), China National Chemical Energy Conservation(Waster Reduction)Center, EMRC Evaluation Center of Emergency Response. Besides, the management of national publications on chemical industry and China Chemical Industry Information Association are relied on CNCIC. CNCIC undertakes a number of important projects entrusted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Commerce, implements and follows up "National Science and Technology Achievements Network" and "China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Library". CNCIC is also the exclusive agent of some international famous databases and is the China strategic partner of the world famous institutes.
    With a history of more than 50 years development and with the advantages of huge resource of information technology and experts, CNCIC provides the clients from domestic and overseas with the services of
         ▶ Chemical Industry planning, Industry park planning, Investment opportunity analysis, Market research and analysis, and Intellectual Property
         ▶ Hazard process device HAZOP analysis, HSE regulatory affairs and risk Assessment service, EMRC evaluation of emergency response
         ▶ Planning and evaluating of energy saving and emission reduction, Energy audit, Carbon audit
         ▶ Online information, System integration, Software development, Server hosting, Enterprise, Resource planning Media publications, Advertisement, Brand and products promotion
         ▶ Professional exhibitions, Conferences organization
         ▶ Standards Preparation for the Industry and Chemicals
    CNCIC has highly qualified team consisting of over 400 professionals and experts from chemical industry, economy, IT technology, chemical safety and management, who are contributing to the whole and perfect solutions to improve business value of clients, and meanwhile supporting the government decisions with the latest information and advanced technology. CNCIC has won plenty of achievements and is now enjoying a high reputation both in China and global chemical industry.