• Fertilizer registration is based on the "Agricultural Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", and the specific approval measures are based on the "Management Measures for Fertilizer Registration" (issued by the Ministry of Agriculture Order No. 32 on June 23, 2000,) Order No. 38 of the Ministry of Agriculture on 1st July 2004, and revised Order No. 8 of the Ministry of Agriculture on November 30, 2017) and "Requirements for Fertilizer Registration Information" (issued by the Ministry of Agriculture Announcement No. 161 on May 25, 2001, the Ministry of Agriculture Order No. 8 amended on November 30th, 2017). 

    Authority of fertilizer registration:

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is responsible for national fertilizer registration and supervision and management. The agricultural administrative departments of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government assist the MOA in the registration of fertilizers in their respective administrative regions. The agricultural administrative department of the local people's government at or above the county level is responsible for the supervision and management of fertilizers within its administrative area. 

    Fertilizer definition:

    Fertilizers refer to organic, inorganic, microbial and their mixtures used to provide, maintain or improve plant nutrition and soil physical, chemical properties and biological activity, which can increase the yield of agricultural products, or improve the quality of agricultural products, or enhance the resistance of plants.

    Applicant requirements:

    The applicant should be a fertilizer production enterprise that has been officially registered by the administrative authority and has legal personality. Applicants from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions can apply directly, or they can register by their offices in China or authorized agencies in China. 

    Pesticide registration type:

    Chemical fertilizer

    Microbial fertilizer

    Change and renewal of registration certificate:

    (1) The fertilizer registration certificate is valid for five years. An application for renewal of registration shall be submitted six months before the expiration of the validity period, and the renewal of registration shall be approved by the Ministry of Agriculture if the conditions are met. The renewal is valid for five years.

    (2) For the registered fertilizer product, if the scope of use, product name, or company name is changed within the validity period of the registration, an application for change registration shall be applied; if the composition or dosage form is changed, the registration shall be reapplied. 

    Dossier requirements:

    (1) "Application for Fertilizer Registration".  

    (2) Enterprise certification documents.

    (3) The preliminary review opinion form of the provincial agricultural and rural departments.  

    (4) Evaluation form for production enterprises. 

    (5) Product safety information. For products with higher safety risks, the applicant should also submit the product safety risk assessment data on soil, crops, water bodies, and human bodies as required.  

    (6) Product effectiveness data.  

    -Field test report. Applicants should carry out standardized field trials in China in accordance with relevant technical requirements, and submit test reports of more than 2 (including) different regions in one year or the same region for more than 2 years (including) for each crop. The soil conditioner (including soil remediation microbial inoculants) test should be carried out in 2 representative locations according to the soil obstacle factors, and the test results for more than 3 consecutive years (inclusive) shall be submitted; 2 times (point) stacking or composting test results for decomposing agent products which specify in organic materials retting or composting. 

    -Product performance standards. The applicant shall submit the implementation standard of the product applied for registration. Domestic enterprise standards shall be put on record by the local standardization administrative department.  

    (7) Product label style.  

    (8) Basic information of enterprises and products.  

    -Basic information of production enterprises. 

    -Product research & development report.

    -Production process information.  

    (9) Fertilizer samples 

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