【Webinar】Health risk assessment principles and methods of EFSA and EPA

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Background: After the implementation of the New Act in 2017, the Ministry of Agriculture successively issued guidelines for pesticide health risk assessment of applicators and other guidelines to guide pesticide enterprises to do pesticide health risk assessment to meet the new data requirements. As the pesticide companies pays more and more attention to the risk of pesticide, the health risk prediction and relevant protection guidance for the applicator and user has become an important point in the research, development and registration of pesticides. The COPrisk model released by ICAMA is simple and easy to operate, which is convenient for most pesticide enterprises to get started in a short time. In order to give you an in-depth understanding of the model design principle and the background of parameter setting, we invite experts from foreign cooperation institutions to give a lecture on EFSA and EPA health risk assessment principles and methods. Hope it would bring you a new thinking to solve the problem.


Brief text:

EPA and EFSA risk assessment and 4 step processes

·         Hazard identification

·         Dose-response assessment

·         Exposure assessment

·         Risk characterization

Webinar dateMar 22nd 2022(09:20 pm Brazil Time)/Mar 23rd 2022(08:20 am Beijing Time)

Language usedEnglish

SpeakerDr. Maria de Fatima Menezes Pedrozo

Speaker backgroundGraduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry, Master in Toxicological Analysis and PhD in Public Health.

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