The 2020 Global Chemical Regulations Seminar was successfully held

Time:2020-09-27 Source:CNCIC


The 2020 (19th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition closed successfully on September 18 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. With the theme of "Joint Force Innovation-Driving High-quality Development", the exhibition brings together new products and advanced technologies in current petroleum and chemical industries, showcases the latest products and concepts of the entire chemical industry chain, facilitates industry innovation, and builds a platform for win-win collaborative development. 

The "2020 Global Chemical Regulations Seminar" of the "Fifth International Smart Chemical Industry Conference" held concurrently with the exhibition was successfully held on September 17.

At the meeting, Minyan Liang, CNCIC project director, introduced the update of global chemical regulations and corporate response strategies. Interpreted EU REACH, UK-REACH, and Southeast Asian countries’ chemical management regulations and implementation status, and provided suggestions to companies from substance sorting, regulatory screening, registration response and post-registration compliance management, and escorted companies in trade activities.

Fengjiao Liang, deputy project director of CNCIC, explained in detail the relevant requirements and compliance points of China's implementation of GHS; addressing the problems existing in the current practice of enterprises (such as the widespread lack of SDS/labels, confusion of versions, hazardous and non-standard use of precautionary statements etc.) and proposed targeted solutions. This presentation deepened the understanding of the implementation of China's GHS and strengthened the company's awareness of compliance operations.


The "Measures for the Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances" (MEE Order No. 12) will be formally implemented on January 1, 2021, as an important supporting normative document "Guidelines for Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances (for comments) Draft)" promulgated on August 17, 2020. Zhiyong Tong, senior project director of CNCIC, made a detailed interpretation of key changes such as registration types, registration data requirements, P/B/T determination and screening procedures, and special polymer regulations, and provided applicants with compliance advice.

In order to help deal with the import and export declaration requirements of chemicals, understand the customs supervision requirements of dangerous chemicals and the precautions during international transportation, CNCIC senior engineer Xia Su combined actual cases, from theory to practice, to provide details on the customs clearance of chemicals import and export. Make compliance recommendations.

At the meeting, delegates and experts had full and effective exchanges. This conference promptly conveyed new developments in laws and regulations and basic compliance requirements for enterprises, and provided effective legal support for enterprises' trade activities.

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