168 Substances will be Added into China Existing Chemical Substance Inventory

Time:2020-03-13 Source:CNCIC

According to the relevant requirements of the “Measures for the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances” (MEP Order No. 7) and the “Notice on the Connection of Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances”(Environment Office [2010] No. 123),  the Ministry of Ecology and Environment(hereinafter referred to as "IECSC"MEE) issued an announcement which released the first batch of 168 substances added to the   "Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China" (hereinafter referred to as "IECSC"). on 9 Mar.2020 
1. The substances added this time were all legally produced or imported in China before October 15, 2003 and were not included in the IECSC.

2. This batch of 168 substances will be formally listed in the IECSC  after publicity, which is a good news for the production or import of these substances, helping companies save a lot of time and costs.

3. CNCIC experts reminder: If the company still has substances which meet the conditions for inclusion and there is sufficient evidence (internal SAP data can’t be used as evidence), applications can still be submitted, but the SCC will give priority to the first batch of substances submitted for review. And the publicity period is not guaranteed.

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