The 7th and 8th batch of new chemical substance general notification in 2019 were announced

Time:2020-03-03 Source:CNCIC

On March 2, 2020, the highly anticipated 7th and 8th batches of new chemical substances general notification review in 2019 were announced on the MEE website, and the publicity time will be from March 2nd to March 4th, 2020. The publicity involved two batches of 45 new chemical substances to be approved, of which 12 were completed by CNCIC.

This public announcement is nearly three and a half months away from the sixth batch of public announcements in 2019. The process is quite twisty. On the one hand, the number of new chemical substances for approval for these two batches has increased significantly compared to the past; on the other hand, it is required to be in line with relevant international chemical conventions, and the requirements for risk control measures for new chemical substances are more stringent during the approval process.

CNCIC expert advice that the notifier may, based on the characteristics of the notified substance, compare itself with international conventions, and refine the risk control measures in order to pass the review more smoothly in the subsequent notifications.

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