CNCIC was invited to speak on 2019 Global Chemical Supply Chain (China) Summit

Time:2020-01-17 Source:CNCIC
Conference time: December 5-6, 2019
Conference venue: Shanghai, China
Organizer: KNGgroup
CNCIC Product Registration and Compliance Department was invited by the organizer to speak on the 2019 Global Chemical Supply Chain (China) Summit in Shanghai from December 5th to 6th, 2019.
In the new policy and market environment, the chemical supply chain industry faces many opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the chemical industry faces consolidation and restructuring and stricter regulation. Enterprises must transform and upgrade and reform and innovation. On the other hand, the entire supply chain industry in China Under the impetus of the policy, it is expected to usher in the golden age of development.

The summit will bring together experts from government and industry associations, world-renowned chemical companies, and well-known consulting institutions to discuss opportunities and challenges faced by chemical companies and supply chains in the new environment, interpreting policies and regulations, digital transformation of supply chains, and technological innovation. Promote the coordinated development of the supply chain.
Minyan Liang, Project Director of CNCIC Compliance Department, will be the speaker of the symposium, focusing on China's hazardous chemical supply chain compliance management, including hazardous chemical identification, registration management, GHS compliance requirements, and regulations related to dangerous goods transportation. Help companies grasp the latest changes and do a good job in hazardous chemicals compliance.
Welcome everyone to come face to face with us!

Speaker introduction:
Minyan Liang   Project Director of CNCIC Compliance Department