Interpretation of Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances

Time:2019-07-22 Source:CNCIC
Conference background:

China promulgated the Environmental management measures for new chemical substances in 2003 (order no. 17 of the former State Environmental Protection Administration), then revised and promulgated the Environmental management measures for new chemical substances in 2010 (order no. 7 of the former Ministry of Environmental Protection, hereinafter referred to as the Measures).

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment organized an in-depth investigation and solicit opinions publicly on the Measures (revised draft for comments) after nine years of practice, because some rules of the Measures have not adapted to the current management work, the implementation process also appeared some new situations and new problems.

The amendment of the Measures mainly follows two principles. First, streamlining administration and delegating power, Second, problem-oriented. Under the premise of ensuring that environmental risks are controllable, the registration type setting is optimized and adjusted, the registration data requirements are reduced, the reporting requirements after registration are optimized.

This revision will have an important impact on the company's new material declaration work. This webinar will explain the changes in the revised draft of the Measures. If you have any feedback on the revision, you can also send to us and we will submit together



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